Agriculture 4.0: a market worth 430 million euros in Italy


Agriculture 4.0 is buzzing in Italy: approximately 300 technological solutions are already available on the market, oriented primarily to precision farming and to the so-called internet of farming. These are being used by 55% of the 766 agricultural enterprises monitored by the Polytechnic of Milan, together with the RISE Laboratory (Research & Innovation for Smart Enterprises) of the University of Brescia, for its Smart Agrifood Observatory
We are talking about a global market that is worth 7 billion dollars (the figure has doubled compared to last year), of which 30% are generated in Europe. The most interesting numbers come precisely from our country: the sector is worth between 370-430 million euros, generated by innovative offerings (about 80%) and solutions put forward by rising players (20%, especially start-ups), which propose innovative digital systems and technological consultancy services.
49% of companies supply advanced solutions such as the Internet of Things, robotics and drones, 22% provide data analysis solutions, 16% supply field machines and equipment, 7% produce electronic components and instruments. What are the most frequent solutions? The systems that can be used across diverse agricultural sectors (53%), followed by those intended for the cereals (24%), fruit and vegetables (24%) and wine (16%) market. 
Digital technologies have a major impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of food traceability processes. 30% of companies that have adopted digital traceability solutions report a reduction in data entry errors and tampering risks, 27% note a reduction in the costs for the activation of traceability procedures and 21% report that data collection is faster. Also supply chain processes and relationships benefit from these solutions, especially as regards inventory management costs (15%), the reduction of food waste (14%) and the strengthening of relationships along the supply chain (13%). 13% of companies have also seen their sales grow, while 14% highlight the need to focus on solutions that can improve certification processes.
The 133 technological solutions for food traceability that are available in Italy are engaged in unique identification, data acquisition, recording, analysis, integration and transmission: the most widespread solutions are software platforms for data recording, integration and processing (62%), followed by solutions that combine hardware and software tools (30%) and hardware tools such as IoT sensors and barcode readers (8%). As for the most advanced solutions (42%), the most popular ones are RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification, 20%), the Cloud (19%), Big Data Analytics (14%) and IoT sensors (10%).
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