Blue, the low-cost robot with a bodybuilder's arms


It has two strong, bodybuilder-like mechanical arms, but uses them gracefully to fold shirts, arrange flowers in a vase and grasp small objects without letting them fall. This is Blue, a robot guided by an artificial intelligence system that enables it, among other things, to learn from its mistakes. It is safe for itself and for human beings and, what is more, it has another great advantage: it is inexpensive.
Yes indeed: to design and assemble this robot, the researchers from the American University of Berkeley spent only…five thousand dollars. A very competitive price, which differentiates it from other robots with similar functions that are currently available on the market, whose average cost is around 400 thousand dollars.
As explained by Pieter Abbeel, one of the Berkeley researchers who developed Blue, the low price of the robot "becomes possible when you decide to forego sub-millimeter precision of movements, because you don’t need it for a robot designed to perform household chores".
According to its designers, Blue could boost the development of home robots which can help people manage small daily chores. Safe, effective and, above all, cheap robots.