Digital skills? In Italy they are still the prerogative of men. The LinkedIn study


Recruitments have increased in Italy, but digital skills - the most sought after - are still the prerogative of men. This is the picture given by the LinkedIn Recruiter Sentiment Italia 2019 report, carried out on a sample of over 300 Human Resources Managers in companies and employment agencies throughout Italy. According to the report, the skills that are most sought after by Italian recruiters are technological and coding skills (15%), the ability to manage the Office package adequately (14%), social media management and skills related to social media (12%), web design (11%) and data analysis (10%).
These professional skills are hard to find in our country. What are the main skills shortages? Technology and coding (36%), but also soft skills such as problem solving (31%), creativity (30%), time management (28%), web design (28%), collaboration (27%) and leadership (26%).
The LinkedIn study also highlights a "gender gap" in terms of skills. In fact, 45% of Italian HR managers declare that male candidates have more digital skills than female candidates (only 25% think that the number of "digitally prepared” women is higher): a disadvantage in the global world in which technological innovation and scientific skills are increasingly crucial to the success of companies and individuals. In 2018, the sectors in which there was the most significant shortage of suitable candidates were finance & banking (32%), IT linked to hardware production (30%), education (29%), media/communications (29%) and health (29%).
The good news? 50% of Italian recruiters think that recruitments are on the rise, while 40% argue that the situation is "stable". Only 10% highlight a contraction compared with previous years. The new recruitments are driven by the manufacturing sector (49% of answers), the technological sector linked to software production (45%), Tech linked to services (44%) and food & beverage (37%).