How similar are we? Let's ask our clothes!


Imagine you enter a room full of strangers and are able to guess, just looking at them, if you have something in common with some of them. It seems impossible, right?
While it is quite easy in the digital world to get to know someone through applications and social media, in the real world it is much harder to understand what we may have in common with others. But now fashion comes to our rescue! How?
It is often our look that conveys our personality: our outfit describes our identity, our interests and our preferences. It is precisely this characteristic that has inspired Power of Proximity, the latest collection by Zsófia Lévai.
This young fashion tech designer has created a "network" between garments, which enables their wearers to discover how much they have in common with each other. Each item has an embedded microprocessor that stores huge amounts of data collected from the wearer’s social media.
Infrared signalling is used to tell if two wearers are close and, when that happens, their data are processed by an algorithm that establishes the commonalities between them.   An array of LEDs then displays their level of affinity. The garments are knitted from merino wool and cashmere and are designed in such a way as to be perfectly integrated with electronics and to create elegant and comfortable interfaces. 
The collection, which has already won Telekom Fashion Fusion, was exhibited at the ISWC Conference 2018 in Singapore, the main event for wearable computing and technology.  «It’s a great honour to be featured in this prestigious event» said the designer Zsófia Lévai «and it’s amazing to be a part of this community that shares my vision of fashion: innovative, technological, all to discover».