Sustainability at the supermarket: even frozen food packaging has become compostable


Sustainability is a becoming a value that is increasingly endorsed by consumers across the globe. The data are very clear: according to a recent survey by PwC called Global Consumer Insight Survey - gathering the sentiment of more than twenty thousand consumers in twenty-seven countries - 49% of people choose eco-friendly products and brands. 44% of them are willing to pay a premium price, confirming that the reduction of plastic and the use of biodegradable packaging are a priority when choosing products. 

Speaking of biodegradable packaging, now even frozen food packaging can be eco-friendly in our country. The idea comes from Fruttagel, a young cooperative group from Romagna, specializing in the production of drinks containing fruit, legumes, cereals, tomato derivatives and frozen vegetables, which has been a customer of 255hec for some time.

The company has long regarded sustainability as a distinctive trait of its strategy. After years of technological research and investments, it is now the first company in the food industry to launch on the market fully-compostable packaging for frozen vegetables, which can thus be disposed of into the organic waste stream.

This innovative packaging is not only used for Fruttagel products, but is also used by many frozen food brands in the large-scale distribution segment, including Conad. 

This decision to focus on environmentally friendly packaging thus meets the requests of an increasing number of consumers who are ever more sensitive and attentive to the environmental impact of their shopping choices.