Sustainable and emotionally intelligent items from the collection of the London student Beatrice Sangster-Bullers


Beatrice Sangster-Bullers has just graduated from Central Saint Martins University of the Arts in London, but is already a rising star in her field: artificial intelligence applied to fashion. Her graduation project focused precisely on this issue: a collection of items that can reveal the emotions of their wearers.
These emotionally intelligent clothes are part of a project called The order of the singularity. Sensors integrated into the garments use algorithms to map the wearer’s mental state. In turn, the wearer can select what visual output should be projected onto his clothing: after all, it is understandable that wearers prefer to choose what feelings should be displayed (or not). This way users can, based on their mood, reveal their sensations.
To create these items, the designer used a mixture of highly sustainable and smart fabrics, including Singtex - a fiber made from coffee grounds - or reclaimed nylon sourced from previous graduates.
During the fashion show that presented this project, models were given headgear with an EEG device fitted with four electrodes to measure their brain waves and detect the state of their thoughts. The EEG device was linked via Bluetooth to a screen interface fitted into the chest of the garments. Algorithms then converted the EEG signals into audio and visual outputs, allowing users to hear and see their emotions in real time.
Sensors also track heart rate – determining stress levels – body movement, brain activity and breathing. Sangster-Bullers based her collection on the concept of "the technological singularity", the theory that humans will someday be overtaken by artificially intelligent machines. It thus symbolizes the importance of preserving one’s humanity in a rapidly changing society.