Tell me what the weather is like and I’ll tell you what burger to order: McDonald's customizes its offer using Artificial Intelligence


Faster orders, customised shopping experience, offer differentiation: the objectives of McDonald's are clear and Artificial Intelligence is being used to achieve them. The fast food giant is about to reach an agreement with the Israeli Dynamic Yield, a start-up specializing in the supply of tools for automated marketing and the optimisation of campaigns targeting retailers.  
According to American sources, McDonald's intends to improve its service by predicting customers’ orders. How? Well, several key factors will be taken into account: the weather, restaurant traffic, the period of the year, just to name a few. It is not uncommon, in fact, that when seasons change, people tend to eat food in a different way. What is more, if the Big Data held by Dynamic Yield should detect sudden temperature changes, suggestions would arrive in the kitchen so as to orient how food is cooked: hot or cold, sweet or savoury, with ad hoc promotions and so forth.
It will be like having many small McDonald's locations differing from one city to another, each with its own local promotions. To begin with, the drive-thru service will be implemented. The presence of Artificial Intelligence on the displays will suggest condiments and combinations according to the time of the day, as well as the best items on the basis of the weather and temperature. At peak times, instead, there will be a wide range of quick meals being prepared one right after the other. The purpose? To sell more, sell better, adopting highly innovative (and persuasive) solutions. Many people say so, and so do we. It is now time to think about the ethics of artificial intelligence: who controls it will begin to determine our choices rather than predict them. A very thin line which we should pay close attention to.