The Robot Science Museum will open in Seoul: as a tribute to itself, it will be built by robotic arms


A modern temple dedicated to robotics and to the brilliance of advanced technology: we are talking about the first robotics museum in the world. 

It will be built in Seoul, in the recently upgraded area to the north of the city, in the business district of Changbai. The tender, launched  by the Seoul metropolitan government, has been awarded to the Turkish architectural firm Melike Altinisik, already known for the construction in Istanbul of the futuristic and sci-fi Küçük Çamlıca Televizyon Kulesi: a 365.5 tall tower for TV and radio transmission

The Robot Science Museum, as anticipated by its designers, will have a semi-spherical shape with a glass and steel base and will be built, as a tribute to its essence, by robotic arms. 

Firstly, a group of robots will mould curved metal plates creating the spherical dome of the museum, taking care of completing all the steps: from moulding to assembly, welding and polishing. Then, another team of robots will 3D print concrete for the public area that surrounds the museum. This process, which will begin in early 2020, will end after about two years with the opening of the museum. 

“The new Robot Science Museum (RSM) – say the winning architects - will play a catalytic role in promoting and advancing science, technology and innovation throughout society, and is not only going to exhibit robots but also the most advanced and heterogeneous technologies, from artificial intelligence to virtual reality, from augmented reality to holograms. But its first real exhibition will be the celebration of itself and of its construction, made possible only by robotic arms".