The robot-crab that cleans the ocean floor is an all-Italian product


A crab-waste collector that picks up plastic trash on the ocean floor: a new animal species? No, rather an all-Italian robot invented by a young team of researchers from the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa. It is designed to be released into the water to collect highly polluting microplastics that are bad for the ecosystem.

This robotic crab called Silver 2 weighs only twenty kilograms and is a real technological gem: it is capable of diving to a depth of 200 metres, does not cause any damage to the ocean floor and has six bouncing legs with which it can easily navigate, avoiding all obstacles.

Silver 2 is equipped with cameras with which the ocean floor can be examined in real time, thus contributing to the study of marine ecosystems. It also has a specific section for collecting samples of the ocean floor to be subsequently analysed, so as to assess the presence of microplastics and their polluting agents.

Its movements - identical to those of a real crab - are remotely controlled by an operator, who can adjust its speed, among other things, choosing between walking and running.
In short, it is a real garbage man that will soon be able to reach spaces and secluded areas that are currently inaccessible to human beings. What is more, the Sant'Anna research team is already working on a new prototype fitted with a specific arm to collect heavier waste such as bags or bottles! 

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