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A company with a strong aptitude for research, development and engineering consulting since 2002.

The use and the daily study of new technologies, accompanied by an engineering approach and a lot of passion, have already solved a series of bets that the market, and our customers have defined complex and strategic to their business.

Engineering, design, simulation and supply of robotic handling systems, automated warehouses, product traceability and special machines for the reduction of costs of production processes and to ensure the quality of the finished product itself.

There are two key areas: Food and Fashion, a way to spread and help the brand “made in Italy”!
Contact us to find out what strategic projects we are following in the food industry or in the field of fashion and ecommerce with special attention to the systems of digital production and photo shooting for the web.

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We offer more than simple services

255 H.E.C. Srl proposes both as a supplier of turnkey plant and machinery, as an approved provider of Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO).