The Chocolate from Modica is the first PGI with a digital passport


It is the first Protected Geographical Indication product with a digital passport: we are talking about the Chocolate from Modica, a Sicilian delicacy which is known for its granular and friable consistency that makes it stand out over ordinary chocolate. The project, launched with the ​​​​​​Consortium for the Protection of PGI Chocolate from Modica and realized by the State Mint under the guidance of CSQA Certifications and the Qualivita Foundation, was presented at the 40th edition of SIGEP (International Exhibition of Ice Cream, Confectionery, Bakery and Coffee) in Rimini.

What does it consist of? 
Using a technological solution that combines security printing with digital features, a customised mark is placed on each chocolate pack which, connected to the Trust Your Food App, allows the consumer to access the Digital Passport of agri-food products, thereby checking the traceability and authenticity of the product in a very simple and immediate way. 

The solution represents a support to conventional traceability systems, ensures a detailed check over production and immediate and effective communications to consumers. It can be integrated with Blockchain solutions, ensuring control over the supply chain, product quality and origin and, as a result of an optimization in the data management system, the maximum protection for consumers and high-quality agri-food production.

255 HEC is working for some clients on food Blockchain so, if you are keen to find out more, please do contact us.