Lunch at work? Sally, the robot chef, will see to it!


Twitter regularly invites chefs to cook periodically at its cafeteria. It should not come as a surprise that the latest chef to be invited was Sally, the new creation by an American start-up in the field of food automation.

Twitter‘s idea is a frequent initiative; local chefs from the San Francisco Bay usually promote their recipe books, restaurants or share a taste of their most famous recipes. Sally is the first robot to do so. This is not a robot with knives on arms, chopping ingredients in an automated and not very creative way. On the contrary, Sally looks at first sight like a fridge with a window where consumers can see boxes full of ready-to- eat, fresh ingredients. Sally distributes them in accurate quantities to fulfil its customers’ personalised orders and has a touchscreen display where customers can skim recipes or make up their own as they prefer.

Sally, still in the launch stage, could surely offer office workers an alternative cafeteria-like option and, considering the amounts invested by Silicon Valley companies to turn food into a job lure, it might be particularly appreciated by companies that want to propose a healthy alternative to their employees.